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We like to think we’re pretty awesome – but don’t just take our word for it:

"This is a great place. I really like the swings at the playground and I swing on them every single morning. I find when I’m on the swings my imagination can just go wild and I can think of cool stuff while I’m on them. Yea I would say this campground is one of my most favourite parts of summer - that and just taking a nice cool dip in the pool with my friends."

- Jeremy MacNamara

Just travelled from Alberta to Cape Breton and back, have to say adventures east campground was one of the best. Shane and his staff are terrific. True Cape Breton hospitality! We had truck issues and thanks to Shane we got back on the road a week earlier than if we had handled it ourselves. Thank you so much, we made it home safe and sound. Continued success to you!

- Cindy Hindle

"We’ve been coming here and camping at Adventures East for quite some time. Last year, we decided it was time to become seasonals and now I think we will be lifelong campers here. They have so many exciting things for kids, and also for the kids at heart of course. There are tons of organized activities and on a day-to-day basis the new owners here always go above and beyond to try and cater to everyone's interests. Everyone also looks out for each other, it’s like an extended family out here."

- Joelle Crawley

Our first visit was a memorable one. What a nice place and really nice people. We had a great weekend at Adventures East. The sites are clean, the pool beautiful and the activities so much fun. We will be back for sure.

- Patricia Kibyuk-MacDonald

"Everyone here is just fantastic, there’s tons of kids around for my kids to play with and today we’re building a deck at our new permanent site, so obviously we’re in it for the long haul now. Whether it’s taking off for the day to head to one of the amazing beaches that are all within 45 minutes from here, or just sitting around the fire with a cold beer, being able to spend quality time with my nieces and nephews, my parents, my family and my friends - you just couldn’t ask for anything better."

- Jason MacNeil

Just wanted to say thanks for a great three night stay Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Way too short though! Also thanks for getting us the site 23 next to the cabin, made our stay so much better being next door to each other. Love your campground and see lots of improvements from last year. Definitely recommend and definitely return! I was amazed with the BBQ that went with the cabin, we decided to use it and I figured I would have to clean it first as I have seen other rental BBQ’s but it was cleaner than mine at home, very nice. Thanks again and see you next year.

- Scott Webber

"I really love it here a lot. It’s one of my favourite places to be in the summertime because I’ve made some new friends here that I really like. Oh and there’s really good wifi at this campground, which is good for me so I can still talk to some of my other friends while they’re back at home. I also really like the candy at the canteen and I also learned how to become a really good swimmer in the pool here and now it’s one of the funnest things I do."

- Parker Pittman

We love it here it is one of the best campground we stayed at there is always something for the kids to do my little guy loves it here it is very clean the new owners are amazing nice and very good to the kids the pool is beautiful very clean and my 1 year old loves the play ground . Lots to do for all ages.

- Crystal Mackinnon

"My partner Frank and I came here to Adventures East last year to visit some family last summer and we were instantly hooked and just kept coming back. Last year, we decided we wanted to be seasonal campers and we just bought our first trailer which we couldn’t be more excited about. The people and the friendly atmosphere here are just awesome."

- Laura Lee Marshall

The campground owners are new and very accommodating. Thanks for your kindness and great campground.

- Babs Zehren

"We’ve been coming to Adventures East for a number of years now. Last year we officially became seasonal campers. The kids absolutely love it here. There are lots of amenities and it’s filled with good people. There is always something going on here and the activities are endless."

- Shaun Crawley

Love this place! Such a fantastic place to spend the summer:)

- Jillian MacNeil

“I love my mommy, my daddy, my sister Allie and my new trailer. I had my first campfire at Adventures East and I roasted a smore with melted marshmallows and chocolate and it was really really yummy”

- Emilie Mombourquette

These people are wonderful and do everything to make your stay worthwhile!!! Would definitely stay here again!!!

- Barbara Tuck

"We’ve been to lots of campgrounds over the years and this is definitely one of the best. It's the people here that really make the difference. The new owners want to be here putting in work to this place every single day. They always make sure you are comfortable and that you have everything you need to have a great time."

- George Thompson

Friendly, clean and lots to do for the kids! Cottages are beautiful and very clean. We come back each year and are never disappointed!

- Michelle Hill

"I come camping here with my parents and my younger brother Hudson. I think we’ve been coming here for like 5 or 6 years now. It’s a nice place here and there’s lots of activities all the time. I usually spend my days doing gymnastics in the big open field, swimming in the pool with my friends, and roasting marshmallows around the fire. Oh and I love playing Chocolate Bar Bingo."

- Avery Crawley

First time we were here for Christmas in July and it was fantastic! Soo much to do and hearing the Christmas music was an added bonus! Thank you soo much for everything you put into this campground to make it feel like home for us and our dog

- Jen MacNeil

"I would say we have been to about 90% of all the campgrounds on the Island and we came here last year to try it out and we absolutely loved it. You only have to come here once to be completely hooked. The new owners here are just fantastic. There is lots here for kids and adults and families. It's so nice to see kids growing up here with friends they will have for a lifetime. We’re permanent seasonals here now and they aren’t getting rid of me."

- Heather Jessome

They truly give 110% to make sure everyone is having a great time. We had a medical emergency a few weeks back on our first night out in our camper and Shane took control, offered us a ride to the hospital, later came back to check on my 2 year old son and I... I just can't thank you guys enough for all you've done. I've been camping here with my family for over 20 years and with all the upgrades and improvements Shane's been putting into place it's only getting better from here! We can't wait to come back - you guys are our first and only stop when staying in CB!

- Jessie Ryan